Q & A with Brynn

Frequently asked questions about my disability.

Are you in pain?

Yes, my lower back does hurt, standing and cooking aggravates it more.

Are you able to drive?

I am able to drive and have my own car. Since I am unable to walk from most parking spots, I have a government issued handi-cap pass.

Is it difficult to walk?

It takes  a lot of energy to walk ,and because I use my hands for stability and to hold my back up from folding over, my arms get sore andhave a hard time supporting myself when walking.

Are you able to run or climb stairs?

No, I cannot run. I climb the stairs by crawling or using one leg and railing to slowly go up.

Are you able to have children?

I am able to have children, but there is a strong possibility that I will not be able to walk at all afterwards. Also, the child will either haveMuscular Dystrophy or be a carrier of the gene, meaning they’ll pass the diseased gene to their children.

Are you discriminated against?

Yes, but sometimes less obvious then other times. There is an assumption that if you have a physical disability that you automaticallyhave a mental disability, and people won’t engage you in problem solving or they assume you are unable to tackle any “complicated”tasks.

Are you able to work?

Yes, I work a desk job.

Is Muscular Dystrophy fatal?

Muscular Dystrophy can kill. I am fortunate to have a strain that does not kill.

Do you incur a lot of medical expenses?

Since most of my medical expenses are not paid for, they cost over $15,000.00 a year.

Do you use walking aids?

I use to wear a back brace but recently am unable to use it. My only walking aids are my arms and hands that hold up my lower back.

Does anyone else in your family have Muscular Dystrophy?

No one else in my family has M.D, I am referred to as a mutant gene.