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    About the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation

    The Canadian Stem Cell Foundation is a champion for stem cell science worldwide.
    We bring together influential stakeholders, partners, leading scientists and the public to create
    an international dialogue around stem cell science and to support innovation in advancing
    education and therapy.

    The discovery of stem cells by Canadians Jim Till and Ernest McCulloch in 1961 heralded the
    development of the field of stem cell science. Their work and the work being done each day in
    stem cell research labs is critically important to the future of humanity. Science is moving
    closer to groundbreaking treatments and cures for debilitating and often fatal diseases such as
    MS, cancer, diabetes, blindness and stroke. Our focus on education and public dialogue
    engages and unifies a growing stem cell community and supports this vital science.

    Established in 2008, the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation is an independent, charitable
    organization based out of Ottawa, Ontario.

    About our programs
    The Canadian Stem Cell Foundation is creating initiatives and programs designed to do
    educate and unify the public in support of stem cell science.

    We’re educating: Too often, the essence of discovery gets lost in the scientific details. One of
    our goals is to move the dialogue into a sphere that everybody – patients, policy makers,
    scientists, community leaders and the public – can participate in. Initial educational tools are
    already housed on the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation website, and include a collection of
    current research in specific disease areas and a series of videos.
    “Rock Star Scientists” is a video showcasing internationally renowned scientists asking the
    world one question – why aren’t we doing more to advance stem cell research? From stem cell
    legend Janet Rossant, who created a mouse from a single cell, to Sam Weiss, who discovered
    neural stem cells, and Andras Nagy, who recently discovered a new way to reprogram stem
    cells; these 11 scientists are leaders in their field. This video is intended to increase awareness
    and kick start public dialogue around stem cell science.

    Stem Cell Mini Videos are just that, short video clips about different areas of stem cell research
    featuring some of the world’s leading stem cell scientists. Derek van der Kooy speaks about
    curing blindness using retinal stem cells. Freda Miller describes how we can use skin cells to
    create stem cells that could treat spinal cord injury.  And stem cell pioneer Jim Till talks about
    the discovery of stem cells back in 1961. Designed for the public, these videos are a great
    introduction to the remarkable work being done in the field.

    We’re unifying: Stem cells can cure. All humanity has a vested interest in finding these cures
    and moving them to the clinic. The Stem Cell Charter ( is a collective call
    to action in support of this. It is a web-based, interactive document that affirms the importance
    of stem cell science to humanity and articulates five principles relating to how it should be
    advanced – responsible science, protection of citizens, intellectual freedom, transparency and
    integrity. The Stem Cell Charter also engages signatories to help build the Charter community
    and lend their voice, time or other resources to champion the cause.

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